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As part of stretching and challenging our more able students we have set up a super curriculum that allows these students to work beyond our curriculum taught in school  


Mr Peter Fletcher

Associate Assistant Headteacher - More Able Lead

The Market Weighton School
Super Curriculum

A super-curriculum is important because it can represent all those opportunities to develop depth and breadth of learning which extend beyond what the curriculum requires. It finds many forms: clubs and societies, national and international competitions, visiting speakers and festivals, study tours, independent research projects, and blogs. It enables pupils to develop specialist knowledge in areas that already seize their interest, but it can also inspire curiosity about areas previously unknown and unventured. 

Universities and employers are showing increasing interest in students super-curricular profiles. They recognise the need for specialism with breadth, and the flexibility that this implies.   In an age in which information can be instantaneously available, other aspects of lifelong learning are becoming key: young people’s sense of curiosity and their readiness to make intellectual connections; their ability to think creatively and critically; their confidence to collaborate and communicate. 

For each department and running alongside your curriculum we have created a parallel super curriculum to promote the interest and curiosity of our more able students. An extension activity for each half term that our more able students can be directed to.  

The activities are broad and  take many forms: reading, watching, listening, attending, participating, researching, discovering, creating, following or entering. This is an opportunity to signpost students to some of the many resources we get sent that they can access themselves in their own time.  

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