Welcome to SEND, we offer a wide range of support for our students at TMWS, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact page on this website. 

Mrs K Gemmell


Key Contacts

SENCO- Miss K Gemmell

Assistant SENCO – Mrs K Woodhead

SEND Admin- Mrs L Nelson

Head of Inclusion- Mr P Ollett

Foundation Lead- Ms D Reddall

Transition Lead- Mrs S McPherson

ELSA- Mrs L Bell

Year 6 transition and Head of Year 7 – Mr A Yeadon

Head of Year 8 – Mrs T Brice

Head of Year 9 – Ms M Joshi

Head of Year 10- Mrs S Hall

Head of Year 11- Mrs L Goodall



Learning Support Aims

Our aim at the Market Weighton School is that all students have the opportunity to learn, be challenged and reach their individual potential. We pride ourselves on our aim to have a whole-school ethos of acceptance, diversity and compassion as all teachers at TMWS are teachers of SEND who have a responsibility to all students to make progress and lead happy and successful lives.

In addition, our dedicated support team champions the voice that students need a fully inclusive and supportive environment in order to achieve our high expectations. Our aim is that your child and family are provided with a passionate, knowledgeable and diverse support team. We aim to provide parents and carers with information, support and communication in making the right decisions for your child in their transition to secondary school, progression in secondary school and in preparation for adulthood.

We work hard in building positive relationships with external agencies and professionals to ensure your child:

  • has their needs identified at the earliest stage
  • referrals and liaisons can be shared effectively
  • professional opinions can be sought, shared and actioned in school

Most importantly, we feel that students need to gain an understanding of their own needs as well as the needs of others. We offer an inclusive curriculum that embeds social and communication skills, opportunities to have their needs explained and a culture of positive well-being.

We have a range of strategies, support and provision in place at TMWS:

SEND Transition

We have an extensive transition process which supports children on entry to TMWS and throughout major milestones in their education, please click the link below to download the transition booklet.



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York, YO43 3JF

School Hours

M-F: 8.40am - 3.10pm

Phone & Email

01430 873450

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