Nut Free Although as a school, we cannot guarantee there are no nuts in school whatsoever, we strive every day to be a nut-free school, due to the fact that we have a number of children with serious allergies to nuts.  Visitors and guests may see signs like the one here at our school.  All new visitors will be reminded that nuts are not allowed.
Parents and Carers can minimise the risks by following these important measures:


Please do not send in any home-made food for your own child or for sharing with the rest of the class (for example, sweets, cake or buns for birthday celebrations). If you do send in any items for the class to share (for example, to celebrate a birthday) then they must be shop bought, with the ingredients clearly visible so that they can be checked by staff. If this isn’t the case, they would need to be returned home.


Please do not provide your child with any nuts or products containing nuts in their packed lunch. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and other spreads containing nuts such as Nutella. Chocolate spread is really difficult for us to manage so please do not give your child chocolate spread sandwiches for their lunch. It also means that you will need to check the ingredients of foods such as cereal bars, biscuits, bread, pesto and some desserts. Some products contain nut oil which is also restricted. As a guide, please look out for any print on the ingredients list that says the product contains nuts. If the packaging says “may contain nuts”, this is a smaller risk and may be included in the packed lunch. However if the packaging states “may contain peanuts” it cannot be brought into school. This rule applies for any adult in school as well as children.


Please ensure that if your child has eaten something nuts before school (such as cereals or advent calendar chocolate containing nuts), hands and mouths are washed before they enter the school building.

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