TMWS School Uniform

School Uniform and Sportswear 

Blazer ** A school blazer with embroidered logo must be worn in the school buildings.
Grey Jumper or V neck Sweatshirt**(Optional) Optional – a plain grey V neck Jumper or V neck sweatshirt may be worn under the blazer. (No logo’s allowed)
School Tie **   A school house tie. Colour of the tie represents the ‘House’
White Shirt* Plain white shirt. This may be long or short sleeved. Fully buttoned, no blouses.
Black or Dark Grey Trousers/tailored shorts* Black or Dark grey trousers. Normal fit, no tight or canvas trousers. No leggings, jeans, denim or chinos. Ankle not to be showing.  Black or grey dark tailored shorts can be worn just above the knee, no sports shorts allowed.
Black or Dark Grey Skirt* Pleated/loose fitting skirt. No lycra/tight fitting skirts. Length just above the knee. Price & Buckland code 9802PMARK0013
Tights* Thick black tights only. No leggings.
Socks* Plain black or grey socks.
Shoes* Plain black flat shoes, no heels (No logos or branding) .
Jewellery A maximum of 2 small studs in each ear and a watch is permitted.  No other jewellery should be worn in school for health and safety reasons.
Piercings A maximum of 2 small studs in each ear. No other forms of piercings allowed.
Make Up/Nail Varnish Discreet make-up only. Nail varnish is not permitted. No false eyelashes, nails or acrylics.
Outdoor Coats* May not be worn inside the school buildings.
No Hoodies No hoodies allowed in school – Pupils are encouraged to wear a coat on the way to school and the optional school jumper under their blazer if cold.
Hair Colour No extreme colours or styles.

 Physical Education Expectations 

Shin pads and mouth guards are highly recommended for invasion games, such as hockey, football and rugby. If a student becomes involved in a competition regulated by a National Governing Body for Sport, then the wearing of shin pads and mouth guards may become compulsory.

In winter students are permitted to bring tracksuit bottoms for outdoor lessons (plain black) but must also bring shorts. Sports leggings may be worn in cold weather but must be black and proper ‘sports leggings’. It is at the discretion of the PE Teacher as to whether tracksuit bottoms can be worn. If students are excused from PE lessons they must provide a note. Students will not be able to take part in rugby or football on the field in trainers.

 ** The Compulsory items must be purchased through Price & Buckland, Using the buttons on this page A ‘sizing’ sample is held at the school. It is advised that you arrange to come into the school to try on the items before you order. Additional items may be purchased through Price & Buckland or through any local store/supermarket. School deliveries are made on the second and fourth Monday of every month and the cut off for inclusion is the first and third Monday of the month.

*These are compulsory but may be purchased from any store.

Polo Shirt (Girl) ** Royal blue / black polo shirt with TMWS logo in the house colours – fitted.
Polo Shirt (Unisex) ** Royal blue / black polo shirt with TMWS logo in the house colours – straight.
Training Top (Unisex)** Royal blue / black with TMWS logo in the House colours.
Skorts (Girl) ** Plain black TMWS Branded.
Shorts (Boy) * Plain black shorts.
Shin Pads * For both hockey and football.
Socks* Royal blue hockey /football socks and plain white sports socks.
Boots* Football boots for both hockey and football
Trainers* Supportive sports trainers for indoor and outdoor use. (NOT canvas pumps or high tops).
Tracksuit Bottoms* (Boy) Plain black tracksuit bottoms are optional in the cold weather.
Sports Leggings** (Girl) Plain black sports leggings are optional in the cold weather TMWS Branded
Hair Long hair must be tied back for all activities.
Jewellery No jewellery of any kind is permitted during physical activity.
Gum Shield Optional for hockey and rugby but highly recommended.
Cold Weather When the weather is cold students can wear a plain, long sleeved black top under polo shirts.  Black gloves and black woolly hat

TMWS School Uniform

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