Examination Results

At The Market Weighton School we are celebrating another set of improved exam results with greater percentages of students achieving above grades 4 and 5 in English, maths and science with 70% of students gaining at least a grade 4 in both English and maths, (equivalent to the old C grade)

Mr R Harrison

Head Teacher

Examination Results

At The Market Weighton School we have seen GCSE and BTEC results improve year on year over the past 5 years. Over the past 2 years students have been awarded Centre Assessed Grades rather than formal examinations but in both of these years the grades awarded were based on rigorous assessment using past exam papers not previously seen by the students. Results show either a continuing upward trend or a levelling off at a high level of attainment.

The first graph below shows the percentage achieving grade 5 in maths and English increasing significantly over the past 4 years since GCSEs moved to a numerical grading system. The grade 5 is considered a ‘strong pass’ and equivalent to a top C or low B grade.


The second graph shows how the current pass rates at grade 4 or above in Maths and English compare with the old grade C, again after a dip in 2018 when the new harder 9-1 grading system was introduced you can see the results have improved to levels higher than any recent year under the old grading system.  The profile of the intake of students attending The Market Weighton School suggests that 80% achieving a grade 4 or above is a suitably challenging target for future year groups to aim for.


The graph below shows the average grade across 8 subjects including maths, English, science and humanities.  Again, this has improved consistently and significantly over the past 8 years and is now at the level all our students should be aiming to achieve.



One of our targets has been to increase the numbers of students studying a modern foreign language and either geography or history.  This is what the government have termed ‘The English Baccalaureate or Ebacc’.  The graph below shows that as we have increased this number those students have also achieved higher grades.

The overall Progress 8 scores have not been calculated for the past 2 years but in both 2018 and 2019 our students results were in the average band for progress compared to other schools. Our own estimates from 2020 and 2021 suggest this has improved but this data is not nationally validated. The link below takes you to the most recent set of government league table data for The Market Weighton School.


Every year we have individual students who demonstrate outstanding success achieving the best possible grades across a range of subjects. 

In 2021 Bethany Petch Smith achieved a phenomenal 11 grade 9s, with many others achieving equally amazing grades across multiple subjects.  This was also the case in 2019 when students last sat exams and indeed every year we look forward to celebrating those fantastic achievements.  We are equally proud however of those students who work incredibly hard to achieve a grade 4 in maths when they never thought that was possible or achieve a distinction in Level 1 Food and Nutrition. 

All grades at GCSE are passes and all qualifications a stepping stone on to the next phase of education or training.

We wish all our students well on the next stage of their studies.




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