Year 11 Exam Study Series

To: Parents/Guardians of Year 11 Students

Dear Parents/Guardians

I am writing to update you with regard to the forthcoming exam series and the arrangements to support students during this very important time.

Y11 GCSE Examinations and Study

Lessons will be significantly disrupted during the examination period and students will move to a flexible timetable as detailed below.  All students approach studying for exams in different ways and, for some students, studying at home during the day is an appropriate and sensible approach but it is vital that, during what can be a very stressful period, students still have access to their subject teachers who will continue to help and reassure students as they prepare for their exams.

Flexible Timetable – Monday 12 May to Friday 23 May (up to Half Term)  

GCSE Classes

  • Lessons where students have not yet taken their examinations will still be running.  We expect students to continue to attend these classes in order to take advantage of the opportunity to undertake further exam preparation and revision with their class teacher.
  • Lessons where students have completed their exams or which have no exam (such as core PE) will no longer run.

BTEC Classes

  • Students will be expected to continue to attend their BTEC classes until they are signed off by their teacher as having completed all necessary work.

Students will be able to sign out and leave the school site to study at home during this period. For students who do not have a timetabled lesson but who would prefer to study in school, a designated supervised study room will be made available. Students who are on-site and not in their normal lessons or taking an exam will be expected to be in the designated study room.

From Monday 3 June (after Half Term)

At this point there will be no timetabled lessons but teachers will be offering additional revision sessions in subjects where exams have not yet been taken.  Details of these will be published to students.  However, where a student has not completed their BTEC work they will still be expected to attend these lessons until they have been signed off by their teacher.

Students in school, for whatever reason (including all exams, study sessions and revision classes), must be in school uniform.

Easter Classes

Staff in some subject areas will be running a series of revision/intervention classes over the Easter break. The subject areas covered include English, Science, Music, Art, Society and Ethics, ICT, Business and History. Please see the enclosed timetable. Subject teachers will give more details to students about the sessions. Please encourage your child to attend the appropriate sessions.


The Easter break is very late this year and, consequently, when we return back on 28 April there will only be nine school days left before exams start. It is crucial, therefore, that students are not allowed to adopt an ‘I’ll start revision later’ attitude. We will continue to impress upon all students the importance of taking revision seriously, sticking to their revision timetable and undertaking plenty of exam practice.  Please continue to encourage your child to maintain high standards throughout the final few weeks of Y11. Purposeful revision really does make a difference.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Ollett (Director of Student Support and Head of Y11)

Yours faithfully

Gavin Chappell


Released April 1, 2014

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