TMWS Christmas Appeal

An amazing response to the TMWS Christmas appeal for donations to support the HHCP (Hull Homeless Community Project).  We collected a huge number of boxes and bags containing clothes, toys, books and toiletries.  A massive thank you to our very generous students, parents and staff.  Andrew Smith, CEO and Founder of HHCP came into school this morning to collect donations and to personally thank the school. 

Andrew said “Raising awareness of all forms of homelessness is particularly pertinent this time of year. This year I am proud to give thanks to all the children, parents and staff at TMWS for their kindness, empathy and the outstanding contribution they have made to our organisation. This huge donation will be wrapped and distributed in time for Christmas and will help many people not only practically but also have hope that kindness exists in our local community and that children and young adults play an integral part in setting standards and raising aspirations; something we can all learn from at this time of love and goodwill to all. Thank you so much for your love and support and a Merry Christmas to you all.”

Released December 15, 2017

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