Industrial Action Update

Dear Parents/Guardians

Re: Industrial Action

I wrote to you earlier this month to inform you of the NUT decision to take strike action on Wednesday 26 March 2014. This action is not against the school itself but is part of national industrial action over changes to pensions, conditions of service and job losses.

Unions and union members are not required to inform the school which members of staff will take action. Neither the Governing Body nor the Head is legally allowed to close the school ‘in sympathy’ with the strike and we will not do so. However, our main concern is for the safety of our students.

Consequently, it will prove impossible to open the school to most students, since the majority of teachers at the school are members of the NUT. This means that we will not be open to Y7-Y10 students on that day.
However, we will be open to Year 11 students who will be expected to attend as usual.

Year 11 students will have a mixture of their normal lessons and enhanced supervised study where they will be supported by staff in order to complete elements of coursework, undertake revision and work in small groups.

Lunch will be provided free of charge to all Year 11 students and the bus service will run as usual.

We understand that this may inconvenience parents and carers and therefore wanted to give you as much notice as possible to make alternative arrangements. We will, of course, provide updates should the situation change.

Yours faithfully

Gavin Chappell


Released March 19, 2014

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