Creative Design

The Creative Design Department consists of Food Preparation & Nutrition, Product Design and Art & Design. These subjects promote the development of practical skills and theoretical knowledge linked to the new curriculum. The content of these subjects often prepares students to gain real life skills which will enable them to succeed in life after education and further study.

KS3 Information:

In KS3 students have two hours of Technology per week. The students will spend half the academic year with one teacher developing skills within Food Preparation & Nutrition and textiles disciplines, the remaining part of the academic year will be spent with another teacher focusing on the Product Design discipline. We aim to give the students the foundation skills and knowledge needed to enable them to progress into KS4.

Year 7

In Product Design students are introduced to a variety of drawing techniques which enable students to communicate their ideas. Students are introduced to the workshop where they will develop a range of practical skills using different tools, processes and machinery.

In Food Preparation & Nutrition the key aim is to give the students the confidence and knowledge to cook a selection of dishes safely and responsibly in the kitchen. The students also learn the theory behind sensory testing, healthy eating, multi- cultural foods, and modifying recipes.

Year 8

In Product Design the focus is to build upon the skills and knowledge which students have developed in year 7. Students will be taught the theory of different material properties, finishing and joining methods.

In Food Preparation and Nutrition the key aim is to continue to develop the student’s confidence and knowledge of how to cook a selection of dishes safely and responsibly in the kitchen. The students also learn the theory behind human nutrition, government guidelines, the functions of ingredients, and current issues in society relating to food.

KS4 Information:


The department currently offer GCSE Food Technology and GCSE Product Design. However, in the near future these current GCSEs will be developed following the release of new specifications.

GCSE Product Design

Exam Board: AQA

GCSE Food Technology:

Exam Board: WJEC


Extra Curricular Activites:

Wednesday after school: Duke of Edinburgh Skills Cook Club

Every lunch time: Controlled Assessment Catch up and Support

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