Advice to students on learning at home

As we embark on what looks like it could be a long period of working at home it is crucial that you keep learning. When we do get back to school you will have missed several months with your teachers and the older you are the harder it will be to make up that time.

We organise schools in the way we do for a reason, it sets a routine that is easy to follow. Lessons with breaks in-between. You need to do the same at home. Get up at the same time you get up for school, have breakfast and be ready to start work before 9:00am.

Decide what subject or task you will do and stick to it. After 40 minutes of work you can give yourself a short 5 min break to keep your concentration levels up. Have a longer break and a snack around 11:00am and lunch at the usual time too. If you do this you will probably get through all your set work so you can do something different in the afternoon.

You should not be going out with friends but should go out for a run, cycle or walk. We are lucky that we live in an area with good places to run and walk where ever you live.

If you do catch the virus you will be able to fight it off more effectively if you are fit and healthy, this means:
• Eating well
• Having a good night’s sleep, having a routine
• Getting regular exercise

Mrs Townend is encouraging everyone to do the daily work out with Joe Wicks available on the Youtube. There is so much available in the internet to support you with your learning you should always be able to find something to help you. If not message your teacher using E-Praise, they are all keen to help you. If you need to collect anything from school we have set up a collection table just inside the front entrance. Walk up on your own as part of your daily exercise and come in and pick up whatever is there for you, no need to come into school just collect and go.

The doors are open each day from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

Stay Healthy and Keep Learning!

Released March 26, 2020

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