Year 11 Exams and Study

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to update you with regard to the ongoing exam series and the arrangements to support students during the examination period. In order to maximise the amount of contact time with class teachers, students will be in school, on a full time basis, until Friday 22 May. Please be assured that after half term teaching staff as well as our student support team, including Mrs Brice and Miss Joshi, will still be available should students need help/assistance/reassurance from them in any way.

Y11 Examinations and Study
After Friday 22 May Y11 students will not be expected to be in school unless they have an examination. Please note, however, that students will be able to still attend lessons (at the usual time) for classes in which they have not yet sat the examination. There will also be some additional sessions, which you will be contacted separately about should this apply to your child.

If students are in school, for examinations, revision, or to attend classes they must be in full school uniform.

Study within School (June)
If students wish to study in school, would prefer/or need to be in school after an examination then they must be in the designated study room, the location of which will be displayed in the reception area each day.

Safety/Registration (June)
If students wish to come in to school to attend classes they must sign in and out via the signing in book in reception. Should students wish to remain in school after an exam they will also need to sign in. Students attending school just to sit an exam are automatically registered.

Arrangements for Friday 22 May
In the morning of 22 May there is an English Literature exam which involves the majority of our Y11 students. After the conclusion of this exam, students will return to lessons as normal. After break, students will assemble for a leaving assembly which will be followed by an opportunity to say goodbye to friends, to their tutors and to take photographs. Students will be free to go home at 12.20 pm. School lunches will be available for anyone who needs a hot dinner at the normal time. If you would like your child to stay in school during the afternoon we will make a supervised study room available. Students who need to use this facility should sign in at reception at 1.10 pm and stay for the full afternoon session.

If you have any concerns, please donโ€™t hesitate to contact Mr Ollett (Director of Student Support).

Yours sincerely
Gavin Chappell


Released May 15, 2015

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