Year 10 Work Experience

Dear Parents/Carers

The Market Weighton School is committed to ensuring that our provision is in the best interest of our school community. It is essential that what we provide reflects the needs of our students and the wider community. In order that this happens we continually review our policies and procedures. Since July 2011 we have not undertaken generic work experience for all students.

As the Key Stage 4 curriculum continues to change, the idea of a set two week work experience event has become increasingly less viable. Taking students away from their studies in Year 10 is not always desirable. In addition, some students require work experience for their specific academic pathway but need to access that work experience at different times of the year. It was clear that our provision lacked the appropriate flexibility.

It is essential that any work experience we provide reflects the needs and aspirations of our students. To that end, we decided to change the way work experience provision is delivered in order to provide a more bespoke approach for our students.
In order to achieve this we made the following changes:

  • Generic work experience has ceased;
  • Any student who requires work experience as part of their academic pathway will be allocated an appropriate placement;
  • Any request from a student who wishes to access work experience for a specific profession/career will be supported on an individual basis;
  • Introduced extensive programme of work related learning opportunities running throughout 2014-2015;
  • Ensuring that students have access to the professional information and guidance available from the Youth Support Service workers who are based at The Market Weighton School; this will involve individual guidance over an extended period of time.

Year 10 students have already embarked on these activities on Personal Development days, where they are engaged in activities around personal finance, post-16 opportunities, careers and jobs. Students will also be able to experience taster sessions at colleges; indeed we already have two trips planned for all of Year 10 in July of this year.

All students will continue to receive appropriate work related learning opportunities throughout their time at TMWS in order for them to make informed choices about their future.

Yours faithfully

Gavin Chappell


Released March 18, 2014

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