Society & Ethics

Society and Ethics (S & E) explores contemporary moral and ethical issues. Allowing pupils to form their own opinions on topics such as abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, capital punishment and racism.

S & E also prepares pupils for life in a multi-cultural, multi-faith society. Alongside forming their own attitudes pupils look at attitudes in various world faiths, considering how they are formed.

S & E is a compulsory subject from Year 7-11. GCSE S & E will be an option from next year with those that don’t pick the subject completing Core S & E instead.

KS3 Information:

Students learn a mixture of religions and ethics at KS3. We tend to focus on Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. We also look at key ethical issues such as racism, homophobia, democracy, prejudice and discrimination.

Current Year 10 KS4 Information:

The current year 10 are studying Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies, Unit 1 and Unit 8. The students have looked at Unit 1 in year 10 and will complete Unit 8 in year 11.


Currently being decided.

Extra Curricular Activites:

GCSE Intervention sessions available.

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