Results 2020

How to collect your results

Results will be available for collection from school on the morning of Thursday 20 August from 10.00 am in Tutor Groups as follows;

10.00 am 11LSV
10.15 am 11KWT
10.30 am 11PS
10.45 am 11EC

Dear Parents / Students

Following the U-turn on GCSE results by the government we now know that students will be awarded the Centre Assessed Grades set by schools or the Ofqual Calculated Grade if that is higher.  After all the controversy over ‘A’ level results and concern about how the ‘algorithm’ would impact on GCSE results this was the only fair way forward.  This means we can be confident that the grades will be fair and reflect the hard work of the students throughout the past 5 years at TMWS.

Teachers worked together to set the grades in June using both sets of mock results and controlled assessments (coursework).  I had to check that these grades were realistic and inline with expectations.  The process has not created over inflated grades for our students and the results will reflect student performance up to the point schools closed and exams were cancelled.

We are expecting to receive confirmation of grades from the examination boards to issue on Thursday.  If it transpires errors have been made in collating the results we will be able to appeal, otherwise the results will stand as the ability to appeal on the basis of a ghigher mock grade has been removed.  As our grades were based on the performance in mock exams this should not be a concern.

I hope that we can now concentrate on celebrating the success of the class of 2020 who have worked hard and deserve the grades they will recieve on Thursday.  Most local post-16 providers had already decided to use the Centre Assessed Grades for admission purposes so there should not be problems with students enrolling at Colleges.  Ms Joshi and other staff will be in school on Thursday morning to congratulate the students and support with enrolment questions or late applications to post 16 providers.  Each Tutor Group has been given an arrival time at 15 minute intervals to help manage social distancing but students will be able to stay on site as long as needed to get any advice they may need.

If the weather is dry we will issue results outside on the playground which will allow enough space for all to celebrate in a socially distanced manner.  Parents are welcome to join students outside whilst they collect results.

Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout the past week and support throughout this difficult period.  I would like to congratulate all the students on their achievements and wish them all the very best in whatever path they choose to follow next year and in the future. 

Yours faithfully

Richard Harrison

Released August 11, 2020

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