Personal Development Day

February 6th will be our second personal development day of the academic year. All students will be following a unique timetable looking at many aspects of SMSC and PSHE curriculum topics. Year 7 are looking at Healthy Lifestyles, students in year 7 will need their full indoor PE kit and will need to bring in a Square baking tray. All ingredients will be provided but students will need to bring their own baking tray.

Year 8 students are looking at global issues including Diversity and human rights. They will also look at what it means to be British and learn Chinese!

Year 9 will be looking at the world of politics and justice including Youth Voice debates, parliamentary debates and using the ‘You Be the Judge’ service from the Ministry of Justice.

Year 10 will look at careers and how banking works, with particular reference to budgeting, what banks do, getting your first job and setting up your first home.

Year 11 will be completing a Science ISA, English intervention, and working on their coursework in our accelerated learning target sessions. PD Day is a unique day which students all engage with which enhances our curriculum. We will have images of PD Day on our website soon so please call back to this site to view our gallery.


Released January 29, 2013

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