New Digital Planners for all students

I am very pleased to be able to inform you that we have now launched our brand new digital planner for all students, and parents too!

All students have access to our epraise homework planner, this is accessible via any internet enabled device and through the App available in the apple app store, (android version coming soon)

This new system allows teachers to set homework with detailed instructions and attachments which will save students having to write lots of instructions in their planner.  It also allows parents to log in and see what homework has been set, when it is due and if your child has completed it.

To gain access to the epraise system please follow this link PARENTS EPRAISE LOGIN

If you have registered your email address with the school, your details will be automatically recognised and you will be able to access your child’s information.  However if your email address is not logged with school please contact reception to update your details with us.

We believe that this system will make it easier for students to access detailed support from teachers, make it less likely that worksheets will be misplaced, and allow parents greater ability to support their child’s education.

Jason Poulston
Assistant Headteacher

Released April 18, 2016

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