Key Stage 3 Homework

Subjects in Key stage 3 will set homework as appropriate to the subject area.  Downloads (where available) for homework are listed below.


Set homework at least once a week – as required


Each pupil in KS3 will receive 1 homework task each week. The task will usually last between 30 – 60 minutes.





Creative design (inc Art)

Homework on specific days as recorded in the Homework timetable in students planners at the beginning of the year.


Homework at KS3 is given five times each a half term for both year 7 and 8. For each half term, a homework task will be in preparation for an assessment on that unit. At times pupils will be completing research about place and people, these homework tasks are intend to help pupils understanding of the world at a variety of scales and become more independent learners. As such, it is expected that this work will be reflected in future assessments.

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A minimum of 1 homework task per half term


Homework will be set to allow students to develop their perfomance skills covered in the lessons, this may involve using an instrument in their own time during normal school hours, or if they have their own instrument at home.

Society and Ethics (RE)

Homework at KS3 is based on a Menu system of homework, over each term students will have a menu of homework tasks to choose from, each being worth a specific points score.  Students should complete enough tasks to reach their target score.  For example a smaller piece of work would be worth 1 or 2 points.  A more substantial work would be worth 5 points.  Students would need to score around 12 points to complete their homework successfully.


2 homework tasks per term


No formal Homework set