Media studies is a popular subject at GCSE. The media play a huge and important role in society today. Most of your leisure time is spent consuming media products and media industries are some of the biggest employers in the world. Media Studies helps to understand how media products are constructed, how they target the audience, how members of society are represented and how the industry works.

Current Year 10 KS4 Information:

You will learn how to analyse media products and design and produce your own versions of these products.

Assignment 1: Introduction to the media
Comparing two front covers of magazines then designing your own cover for a magazine.

Assignment 2: Cross-Media Study
Comparing a film trailer to a website, creating a 10 shot storyboard for your own trailer and a mock-up web-page.

Assignment 3: Practical Production
Research and plan to create your own media product then evaluate whether it has met all your ideas.


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Next Steps

A GCSE in Media Studies can lead to A-level or Level 3 BTEC courses and a range of university degree subjects including Media Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Media Studies graduates often work in the Media Sector, in TV, radio, or news companies.



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