GCSE Results 2017

We are very pleased that our students have performed well in the new style maths and English GCSEs with 68% of them scoring a grade 4 or higher in both maths and English (the government’s new basics measure).  This compares favourably with the figure of 66% last year for those gaining at least a C grade in these subjects.  Notable individual performances from Lucas Wilson who was awarded a grade 9 in his English Language paper and achieved A and A* grades in all other subjects.  Other students gaining predominantly top grades were Luke Potter, William Hall, Sean Owen and Amy Harrison.  Emma Fentiman achieved the highest performance in maths, achieving an A* in Further Maths and a grade 8 in the new GCSE.

In terms of progress, Amy Harrison, Jess Pickering, Chenelle Stork and Jack Watson all achieved at least a grade higher on average per subject than expected based on prior attainment.  Many more students achieved excellent grades in a number of subjects and we congratulate them all and wish them well as they move on to the next stage of education or employment.

Released September 7, 2017

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